Environmental sustainability and social justice are central to the research of international architecture. As shown by the works of Yasmeen Lari, who received the Jane Drew Prize, and the interventions on the public space in New York created by young designers
Europe needs Eurobonds. Europe needs to secure funding for a brave European Green New Deal to kick off an environmental revolution. And finally, the EU needs to allocate at least as much attention and firepower to safeguarding democratic quality as to enforcing austerity
In questo articolo pubblicato su Tvxs.gr, il prof. Stelios Stylianidis analizza il ruolo delle politiche neoliberiste per regolare il sistema sanitario privato nella salute pubblica. Il risultato - scrive - sono state migliaia di vittime da Covid-19 in una delle regioni più ricche d'Europa.
Une crise bien pire que celle de 2008 éclatera dans le Vieux Continent. Au niveau des politiques monétaires et fiscales, l’UE fait son possible. Mais cela ne suffira pas. Pour faire repartir la production et éviter la faillite de l’Italie, un mouvement décisif vers des formes de fiscalité partagée est nécessaire
Thinking about the episode of alleged irregular foster care cases in Bibbiano, we asked psychiatrist Andrea Masini to tell us what might happen when a social worker assumes that he or she is facing a case of domestic violence or family abuse
As you surely know, Italy is suffering a dramatic spreading of the coronavirus. In just 3 weeks from the beginning of the outbreak, the virus has reached more than 10.000 infected people. From our data, about 10%...
The Conservatives managed a landslide in the general election in the UK on 12th December 2019 by obtaining 365 seats –more than an absolute majority- and inflicting a crushing defeat on the Labour Party –that...
We met some Iranian students who are apprehensive from our country about the repressive crackdown on protests adopted by Iran’s authorities. "It is not true - they say - that people go out into the streets only against the rising prices of bread: people ask for democracy and freedom”.
Entrevista con Maite Mola vicepresidente del Partido de la izquierda europea (Pie) que tiene su congreso el 13 de diciembre
¿Por qué el gobierno italiano calla sobre lo que está pasando en Chile? Allí, sin embargo, vive casi un millón de descendientes de nuestros emigrantes. ¿Por qué el Parlamento Europeo rechaza la propuesta de debate sobre las protestas en Santiago? La indignación de los escritores chilenos